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The Orthopaedic Patient Activity Competence Evaluation

(ORTHOP.A.C.E. TM ) System

We have provided our patients with an individualized program that allows them to get
well at their own careful pace. It is dependent upon education, surgical details and each
patient's commitment and cooperation.

Remember– As a patient, you are the key element to your success. The ORTHOP.A.C.E.
System is designed for YOU to reach definite goals and instructs you how to achieve these
goals in a safe, effective manner. As these goals are reached, it will become obvious to
you how effective your efforts have been to improve your own function and ability. We
are here to guide you safely along your recovery path so that each additional pre-set
goal can be achieved.

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OrthoP.A.C.E- Hip OrthoP.A.C.E- Knee

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